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An unique island, and an environmentally friendly company

Kolombangara Island

Kolombangara is a spectacular volcanic tropical island rising majestically from the warm crystal waters of the South Pacific Ocean and forms part of the Western Province of Solomon Islands. The island’s highest peak is at 1770 metres above sea level, the highest peak in the Western Solomons, and is home to many amazing unique flora and fauna endemic to Kolombangara, Solomon Islands.
KFPL Ringi
KFPL Imburano Lodge


Kolombangara Forest Products Ltd (KFPL) is Solomon Island’s largest sustainably managed Forestry Company that operates a Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSCTM) certified plantation (Licence code FSC-C013138). Operating since 1989 and with approximately 200 fulltime staff and 1,800 contractors (one of biggest private sector employer in the country), KFPL contributed greatly to the country’s forestry sector.

KFPL is a success story, without equal in most of the developing world, of integrated communities, rain forest conservation and sustainable plantation forestry. Most notably, of the 40,000 hectares project site which is now fully developed, only 14,333 hectares (35%) is man-made FSCTM certified plantation and the greater part (26,000 hectares) is protected natural forest (Licence code FSC-C013138)

As stewards of these High Conservation Value Forests we are dedicated to preserving this pristine environment and strictly prohibit the use of all agricultural chemicals and fertilizers within the natural forests and man-made plantations.

Today KFPL is a joint venture between the Nien family of Taiwan (60%) and the Solomon Islands Government (40%) and is committed to the ongoing development of the local indigenous communities. Since its establishment KFPL has invested substantial resources and effort to support the living standards of the local communities on Kolombangara. This includes the provision of essential services and infrastructure for day to day life in the KFPL townships. KFPL is one of the largest employers in the Western Province and offers Solomon Islanders secure employment and career opportunities.